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Recent Interior Design trends in UAE follows either a closed gypsum ceiling or an open ceiling concept for the interiors of offices, cafés, retails & restaurants, etc

What is Closed Gypsum Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling?

Closed ceilings are created using panels, tiles or suspended plain gypsum boards.

Suspended gypsum ceilings are sometimes referred to as dropped ceilings or false ceilings. As their name implies, they are suspended from the structure above which is usually a roof or slab. This creates a space between the underside of the structure and the upper surface of the ceiling.

Suspended gypsum ceilings are hung from brackets fixed to the underside of the roof or slab. These brackets support the series of interlocking metal sections, forming a grid system where panels are fitted. These gypsum ceiling tiles can be removed to access the ducts and pipes above and in the case of a plain ceiling, access panels are provided for easy & frequent access to the top part.

Even though closed gypsum ceiling makes a room seem smaller than it actually is, gypsum ceilings can effectively conceal visual imperfections including ductwork, pipes and wires & don’t affect the performance of MEP installations. This type of ceiling allows easy access to the systems above for easier maintenance & often has lower energy costs. Lighting Fixtures can be fitted as per the size of the panels as well.

Closed ceiling are decorated using bulkheads, cornice moldings, decorative ceiling tiles, strip lights, spot lights, chandelier, hanging lights, etc. Aluminium ceiling tiles are used in kitchen ceiling

ANGC provides all kind of ceiling decoration works in Abu Dhabi be it open ceiling, closed gypsum ceiling, gypsum ceiling tiles, ceiling cornices, false ceiling, Aluminium ceiling, etc.

Below are some of the gypsum ceiling works our team has done previously for different interior spaces including office, car showroom, retail shop, café, etc.

Gypsum Ceiling Works in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & UAE

Office interior Design by ANGC Interiors for client Alliance Group in Abu Dhabi Office Interior Design & Fitout by ANGC Interiors for Ahl Al Khair in Dubai UAE
Office Reception Counter made by ANGC Interiors for Lifeline Drug Store in Abu Dhabi UAE Office Fitout done by ANGC Interiors for Lifeline Drug Store in Abu Dhabi UAE
Office Waiting Room made by ANGC Interiors for Lifeline Drug Store in Abu Dhabi UAE Office Interior Fitout made by ANGC Interiors for Lifeline Drug Store in Abu Dhabi UAE
Interior Renovation and furniture done by ANGC interiors for Thabia Sweets n Central Mall Khalifa city Abu Dhabi UAE Interior Fitout done by ANGC Interiors at RELAX Group in Abu Dhabi UAE
Interior Fitout  by ANGC Interiors for Autospa Car Services in Abu Dhabi UAE

What is Open Ceiling or Exposed Ceiling?

Open ceiling one of the latest trend in ceiling interior design in UAE. Open ceiling gives every interior space an industrial appearance with its unfinished look which makes it favorable in many applications of design and the total architecture of the space. Open ceilings give an office more height and hence make it more spacious with an effect of extra space even in a crowded room. They increase natural light in your space. Bringing natural light using exposed ceiling at office interiors makes employees healthier, more productive, and more engaged. Natural light enhances the value of a space by making it more appealing to employees and customers and add character to an office. Natural light enhances the value of the space by making it more appealing to employees and customers.

All the Structural systems and MEP systems of the space are left exposed with their normal color or they are painted with suitable colors as per design. The unfinished look of an exposed ceiling is actually the result of skilled labor. At many existing buildings with suspended ceilings, the old ductwork and plumbing are usually dirty and will not be aesthetically pleasing. The ducts and pipes are painted to complement the rest of the space, which requires specialized labor to achieve a nice exposed look. Exposed ceilings require frequent cleaning and repainting. But that should never make you not make that chic interior space that’s welcoming all employees, customers, and visitors.

This is the ceiling works done for one of our Client’s office in Abu Dhabi.

Office Interior Fitout done by ANGC Interiors for knauf Insulation in Abu Dhabi UAE

When you look at the site condition before the ceiling work, you can see that the room had the benefit of natural light coming out from 2 adjacent walls with glass window opening. Sufficient cross ventilation made this room an ideal spot for bringing a mix of both open & closed ceiling concept.

The client needed the ceiling to be closed but keep an industrial look and well-lit environment, so ceiling was painted white and hanging lights were provided on the close ceiling. The ceiling added more height and HVAC ducts were remodified and are visible giving an industrial look, but not compromising on bringing the interior elements including the hanging lights.

How ANGC Interiors help you decorate your ceiling?

ANGC Interiors provide open & closed ceiling fit-out solutions along with 2D & 3D Designs for the same at optimal price. Be it a café, office, retail store, supermarket, restaurant, we have the solution & expertise for you. We shall inspect your site and understand your requirement to provide you options of suitable ceiling interior design for the space. You can choose or we shall help you choose the best option to make your space pleasing & welcoming to all.

You can trust ANGC Interiors Team for drafting, designing and professionally installing the ceiling as per your requirements and the aesthetics of your business or office space.


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