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About ANGC Interiors

Established Expertise

ANGC Interiors, a division of the Relax Group of Companies, is a well-established interior design and fit-out company based in Abu Dhabi. Founded in 2003, ANGC Interiors is renowned for its passion for excellence in fitout contracting throughout Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Diverse Portfolio

Over the years, ANGC has successfully delivered numerous turnkey projects for prestigious clients across various sectors in the UAE. Our commitment to quality, standards, and top-notch service is evident in our extensive portfolio covering Commercial, Retail, F&B, Healthcare, Educational, Corporate, Exhibition, and Hospitality sectors.

Comprehensive Services

We offer an array of services, including Interior Design, Interior Fitout, Ceiling Works, Wall Panel Works, Partition Works, Flooring Works, Furniture, Interlocks, Civil Works, Demolition Works, Waterproofing Works, Maintenance, Renovation, MEP, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Signage, and Light Fittings.

In-House Expertise

ANGC Interiors boasts its in-house team of designers, joinery experts, and a dedicated head office located in Musaffah-26, Abu Dhabi. Led by ANGC Management, our team thrives on innovation, continuous improvement, and industry best practices.

Commitment to Quality

Our goal is to maintain quality and standards through focused efforts, excellent service, and quality workmanship. We ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, all while adhering to the highest health, safety, and environmental standards.


Our Services

Flexible Design Concepts

ANGC Interiors offers a wide range of modern and fashionable interior design concepts and designs. Our specialized consultation services help you select the latest products available in today's markets, ensuring your space reflects your personal taste and meets your deadlines.

Services include:

Our Objective

Contributing to a Progressive Society

Our objective is to contribute to a progressive society while practicing ethical principles and the fundamentals of life.

Our Motto

Dedication to Excellence

Our motto is a dedicated and continual strive to provide excellent, reliable, and quality construction services. We blend creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise in every project, delivering work within budget to encourage repeat orders.

Our Mission

Adapting to Changing Times

Our mission is to strike a balance with the ever-evolving interior fit-out industry, meeting the ever-increasing needs of our diverse customers.

The Way We Work

In-House Design Expertise

With an in-house design team and years of experience in the construction industry, we support all your design and build requirements for offices, restaurants, shops, residences, and more. We are committed to providing ongoing dedicated services to both existing clients and new business partners.

ANGC Interiors has quickly risen to new heights of excellence, building an impressive portfolio of achievements for prestigious clients and projects in a relatively short span of time.

Interior Design Principles

World-Class Output

Our design principles aim for world-class output, delivering unified and harmonious products that stretch beyond interior design boundaries. We strive for breathtaking concepts that set high standards and quality of lifestyle for our clients, consistently improving our technology to match global standards.

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